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Bollards, Street Furniture, and Road Safety Solutions

We help you transform public spaces into safer, more functional, and visually appealing environments.

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Cost-Effective Traffic Management

Our FlexiPost 80 bollard is designed to withstand impact and bounce back, protecting both vehicles and property.

Key Features

  • Extreme Durability: Made with high-quality polyurethane that won't shatter or break.
  • Superior Flexibility: Bends on impact, minimising damage to vehicles and the bollard itself.
  • High Visibility: Reflective strips ensure visibility day and night.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with coach screws for quick and secure mounting on concrete or tarmac.
  • Weather-Resistant: Suitable for all weather conditions, indoors or out.

Commercial-Grade Seating Solutions

Enhance your professional spaces with our limited-time offer on the neoBarcino and Roda Benches. Designed with a focus on durability and style, these benches are ideal for commercial environments looking to elevate their outdoor seating.

Featured Product

Pencil Bollards

Enhance the safety and aesthetics of school zones with our distinctive pencil-shaped bollards! Designed to command attention, these vibrant barriers not only signal to motorists they're entering a protected area but also actively discourage unauthorised parking.

Extremely Durable

X-last® bollards are extremely durable, they do not rust and perform well against the wear-and-tear of today's urban applications.

X-Last® Bollards Save Lives

The Applied research automotive center (IDIADA Automotive Technology) concluded that X-Last Bollards are 10x Safer than metallic bollards

50% Less Environmental Impact

The study conducted by the European foundation INASMET-Tecnalia, utilizing Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), demonstrates that X-Last bollards exhibit a 50% reduction in environmental impact compared to conventional metallic bollards.

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Rivers Wave
Featured Collection

RIVERS Bollards

The RIVERS range of classical and modern designs offer choice, identity and security for every situation. Made in Ireland from the highest quality materials

Featured Product

Flexible Traffic Bollards

The Quick-Flex bollards offer a modern design suitable for lane protection, cycle paths and a variety of other applications. Optional features include a selection of colours and diamond grade reflective tape.

Extremely Easy to Install...



Drill a hole 24mm allowing for 100mm insertion of bollard receiver into road surface.



Thoroughly clean drilled hole to ensure adequate adhesion.



Pump chemical anchor into the hole - filling from bottom to finished surface



Insert the bollard assembly into the adhesive, using a twisting motion.

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