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Polyester Resin Styrene Free ETA option 7

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Polyester Resin Styrene Free (ETA Option 7): Fast, Versatile, High-Performance Installation Solution

Simplify and secure your structural installations with Polyester Resin Styrene Free (ETA Option 7). This two-part grey resin offers quick setting, compatibility with diverse materials, and expansion-free performance for a wide range of applications.

Rapid Installation, Wide Material Compatibility

This resin is perfect for installing threaded studs, rebar, or internal threaded sockets for applications like columns, guardrails, facades, and beams. It works effectively on concrete, brickwork, hollow materials, and even natural stone.

Secure, High-Performance Applications

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with its expansion-free formula, designed for high-performance installations with close spacing and edge distance flexibility. Its European Technical Assessment (ETA Option 7, Non-Cracked Concrete) approval reinforces its reliability.


  • Styrene-free, two-part grey resin
  • Quick setting for efficient installations
  • Works on diverse materials (concrete, brickwork, natural stone, etc.)
  • Expansion-free for secure, stable results
  • ETA Option 7 Approved for Non-Cracked Concrete
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